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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

The shallow pit of horror genre

Imagine a movie where almost every conversation start with random character sneaking up on each other and then followed by obnoxious shrieking, this is what Hollow has in store for you. It tries to invoke scare from out of nowhere, opening doors, dropping items and even people standing still are accompanied by startling sound effect. Coupled with rehearsed plot and horror clichés, this bottom of the barrel movie would net lowest score if not for its decent creature design.

This is the story of three sisters trapped in an island, their main role is to shout each other's' name literally the entire movie. The youngest one is the clairvoyance type whose hobby is running off towards danger, she's only there for sympathy bait and cryptic messages. The other two don't have much better character development either, they would bicker constantly, then panic and suddenly go into hero mode.

Other supporting characters are there mainly for unintended comedic purpose. They would deliver some backstory or advice, which the sisters would ignore, and these extras would die in the span of next few minutes. It's appallingly bad, not to mention these girls decide on the worst plan more than one occasion. The movie sometimes turns into clips of weird vision and it repeatedly plays out the same plot over again.

The saving grace is its creature and practical effect. The design is pretty well done, admittedly better than typical B-movies. Some effects for gore are also dauntingly brutal. The setting of small faraway town could create good atmosphere. However, these are not integrated well into the story, resulting in uninspiring use of said creature.

If you have seen the poster, you have seen the best part, the rest is muddled plot, utterly tiresome characters and unintentionally comical occurrences.

Reviewed by Chris Garland 1 / 10

Please Be Quiet.

You know one day they'll find a way to write a horror movie that doesn't revolve around stupid people. I have a bad feeling about this. Nope let's do it anyway. We should stay here and survive. Nope lets go out and track down someone we know is as good as dead. Please be quiet, it'll hear us. Nope, let's keep yelling. Let's completely ignore every warning put in front of us and go blindly into danger.

No characters deserved death as much as these sisters. If that's what you could call them, I guess you can, since they were written way, I guess you have to. Please stop screaming and being as loud as possible. This just drove me crazy. they couldn't have died fast enough.

Terrible, terrible film. Watch at your own risk. Still better than the Poltergeist remake.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10

The Hollow?.....Hollow indeed.....

It's the day before Halloween on Shelter Island, and the small town is preparing for a major storm.

But the dark clouds covering the island are bringing with them a curse one-hundred years in waiting.

As the woods give birth to an ungodly and insatiable creature of fire, bones, and earth, three sisters struggle to stay alive through the long dark night of the Hollow.

The creature isn't something that can be killed, It's only something you survive......

It's a wonderful concept, having something reappear every number of years to hunt, kill, and feed, for an amount of time, and then for it to vanish until the next cycle........yep, Jeepers Creepers was a fun creature movie that lost it a little toward the end.

The Hollow on the other hand, never really gets anything to lose in the first place. It's the age old story of teenage misfits, meeting up with other teens, all devoid of common sense, and spend the most dangerous night of their lives shouting, screaming, and hiding in the most ridiculous places.

The creature they are trying to avoid looks like something that's lost its way travelling back to Middle Earth, and despite being a huge, hulking piece of timber, it can sneak up on someone quieter and fast than Michael Dudikoff did back in the eighties.

What could have been, what SHOULD have been, an over the top exploitation stalk n' slash movie with humour, turns into nothing more than unlikable teens being killed because they do stuff like lock the beast in a room, and stay in the room with them.......and that actually happens.

And then it all ends with the creature vanishing into thin air, and a look of bemusement on the remaining survivor..............and the audience.

Don't bother.

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