The Hatching


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie-beacham 10 / 10

British killer crocodile movie

I was an extra in this film and have seen it twice at private showings. Firstly, I doubt that an abundance of Oscars will be handed out for the film (although the sound was pretty good). The actors, despite some having a natural Liverpool / Yorkshire / Lancashire accents, could speak fluently in the required English West-Country accent (something I have been trying to do for the last thirty four years)! What is brilliant about the story is that it is out of the ordinary. Having slept mostly through "Turner", wondered how anyone could think up a story such as "Gravity", I have also now become tired of "Game Boy Movies". For those wondering, "Game Boy Movies" are for the lazy game boy player - you don't need to push the buttons as it is done for you on screen. Taking this into account, "The Hatching" is a brilliant release. A "Horror/Comedy", it connects with the ordinary person - you and me in a horror situation and therefore something that everyone can relate to. Although there are a couple of OMG moments in it, the horror is based more or less the same as seen in "Hot Fuzz" (a sort of tongue-in-cheek affair). You can be laughing one minute and jumping out of your seat the next. It is "Shakespearian" in that it has two plots. Filmed on the Somerset Levels just before the floods, it should hopefully help to put that area back on the map again. Originally targeted at the 15 to 25 age group, I have seen it played to an audience of the 55+ brigade and it got a great reception. A low budget film, it was directed by Mike Anderson, a great "people person" who formed a great bond with both actors and crew and deserves huge success for this effort. No doubt, because it is low budget, it will have its critics, but in my view, it is well worth going to see - excellent entertainment.

Reviewed by jimbradyart 5 / 10

Tongue and Cheek

I watch a lot of movies, some bad and some good, however, this one falls into the category of sitting on the fence. I didn't know what to expect and was delightfully surprised and watched it through to the end. The scenery and environment scene were typically filmed in the English countryside and everything seem to fit into a mad little community. Although an obvious low budget film it was very entertaining and the acting was good enough to keep my interest, it's tongue and cheek and meant to be so. So don't be expecting a high budget thriller, it's witty in places and the crocodile is hilarious, reminded me of 1970's dinosaur movies. So would I recommend it? As long as you are in the mood for dry wit and forget the effects of most blockbusters then yes.

Reviewed by s3276169 6 / 10

Weird but watchable......

The Hatching is a weird but watchable horror spoof, from the UK.

This film is so indescribably odd, its actually quite hard to review. Imagine, for a moment, a film script about a rustic village, a spot of serial killing, with a crocodile or two, throw in, just for fun. That's what you get and its such an exotic and implausible mix, on a certain level, it actually works.

The standard of acting is reasonable, if not exceptional. The characterizations are for the most part, on the money but that's not to say there are not some noticeable shortcomings.

The story meanders, more than a little and the characters don't really feel "complete". There's also a real lack of meaningful dialogue and whilst some opportunities for rustic Brit humour are taken up, just as many are missed.

In short, not a bad film. Its quite watchable but nothing special either. Its a shame too, because with wittier, more concise scripting, it could have been more. Six out of ten from me.

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