The Boss



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Melissa McCarthy as Michelle Darnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nra-05473 1 / 10

Please ... Don't Waste Your Time or Money!

I was ready for a fun, entertaining comedy and it failed at every level. Melissa and her hubby should not ever collaborate on a venture again, the writing and execution was forced which did not flow. We love Melissa, however she should have taken her concept to a professional writer. Peter Dinklage did not deliver which was completely surprising considering his career performance with Game of Thrones. For the most part he looked like he was in pain in all his scenes. I'm sorry to say, it is not even worth a future video rental. This is the first review I have written, I want to save you the pain! I wish I would have read reviews before spending my time and money. Let's wish Melissa a better script for any future movies, as this was a pure dud.

Reviewed by xinfatale 1 / 10

Terrible Waste of Time and Money

I can't believe I let my friend drag me into watching this .... atrocious film.

This movie relies on ugly, immoral jokes that demean and pigeonhole people into old fashioned stereotypes. Making fun of lesbians? Seriously who does that anymore?! Also, if the jokes are ugly and cheap to begin with, forcing child actors to say them doesn't make the jokes any prettier. Slang terms and vulgar words do not automatically equal humor. Far from it.

Absolutely tasteless.

The Boss lacked subtlety, and I found myself comparing Melissa McCarthy's role to Donald Trump, and not in a good way, mind you. There was nothing funny about the film---the violent attempt at slapstick humor failed. It was badly timed and came off rather flat. No one was likable except Peter Dinklage's role. Even then, he is shoved into a stereotype about funny midgets. What are we? 8 year old children? That was the last time I ever laughed simply because someone was shorter than average.

There is a way to mix violence/vulgarity to create a comedy (See Deadpool, Hot Fuzz, etc.), but The Boss definitely never even took off. Just pure failure.

Hated the film. I don't recommend wasting your brain cells on this.

Reviewed by professorscott 1 / 10

Not for children - then don't put them in the film

It was said right here on this site, this is a lousy film, save your money, don't go see it. I went to see it because I liked Spy a lot - I thought perhaps this one would have funny parts, be interesting, clever and maybe have original humor.

Sadly I didn't walk out. I'll walk out of bad films but maybe it was the tasty bag of popcorn I was eating slowly, and enjoying my free Coke from my Regal points.

I am disappointed that the filmmakers chose to use children throughout the film, yet they used foul language and some adult themes that gave it an "R" rating, thereby preventing young children to see a film that could have been fun if they had cleaned up the language. And with a wider audience, surely they could have figured out that it could have made so much more money.

I truly do not understand the thinking behind the use of children in most of the film yet not making it suitable for them to enjoy - certainly there are enough "R" rated films that use adults, but very few films that use children with proper language and making a film the whole family can see.

If a film has an "R" rating, then leave children out of the story. Easy enough to do.

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