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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Heather Campbell 8 / 10

Silly, Stupid, Stoner Flick!

Whether you're a stoner or not, Amstardam The Movie/Stoner Express is funny regardless. Can't fault the production or actors and the locations looked amazing.

Best performances have to go to Kenneth Collard (Eddie) and Eric Lampaert (Loz) as both were hilarious. The narrative has that 'Jack and the beanstalk' (or 'greenstalk') feel to it which was a nice touch and it was great to see the legend Howard Marks appear at the end too (R.I.P) for the Amstardam cup.

It's good to see a well made British stoner film with a decent score, something that is quite hard to come by! Oh and the 'powerpuff girls' inspired animation looked excellent too...

Reviewed by millielowe-02736 9 / 10

Stoner Express!

I've wanted to watch this movie from a long time. Only knowing that it has a lot of "greenery" in it. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie with lots of laughs. Amazing score and lovely shots of Amsterdam itself. Highly recommended if you are up for some feel good comedy gold. The fairy tail twist adds a heartwarming effect to 'a stoner movie. It is an awesome way to tie in a nice love story. The plot was fun and enjoyable. I have never seen anything like this movie, The movie is very original and I enjoyed the wit of it, excellent stoner comedy made from A to Z to be enjoyed high, and it is enjoyable. I saw it 6 times with different friends each time and every single person absolutely loved it.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 5 / 10

Watermelon Sized Buds!

A British fantasy comedy done as a variant of Jack And The Beanstalk. A young man heads to Amsterdam to find his father who runs a surf themed smoke shop. After finding his father he finds out his shop is failing due to the shop across the road that takes all the business with their green giant theme. The young man ends up meeting a mysterious homeless man who gives him a magic seed. The seed ends up in the toilet and the next day a massive pot tree takes up the whole store with buds the size of pumpkins. This puts him back in business but soon has the competing store plotting on how to steal the bud and enter it into the Amsterdam Bowl.

This is a light stoner flick mixed with a bit of Time Bandits and Jack The Giant Slayer type themes. It is watchable (better if you're high yourself) and you will laugh a few times. Not for kids though as there is constant joint smoking and coarse language (joint smoking is hard on the throat). All in all not bad and they even throw in a few minutes of animation. There was even a moral or two but I can't remember.

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