Septembers of Shiraz


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Salma Hayek as Farnez
Adrien Brody as Isaac
Gabriella Wright as Farideh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dimiter Todorov 3 / 10

Not a single believable scene or dialogue!

The story is about the family of a successful Tehran businessman, being targeted by the revolutionaries in late 70x Iran. He is detained and tortured (but not deprived from bathing and socialising with other prisoners in a hamam), she is abused (but only verbally) and their house and business premises are looted (except from the wine and the most precious diamonds). So, yes, the family are the victims, and the revolutionaries are the villains. But in the end the whole story is about them bribing their way out of the country. The most pathetic car chase in movie history notwithstanding. And the worst deal a Jew has ever made for transport services. What exactly is the moral here?

Mind you, not a single scene or dialogue in the whole movie is remotely believable.

Reviewed by Hooman 10 / 10

Finally a Tale of Truth in Hollywood

I find this movies exhilarating , emotional and in the mean time extremely sad, as always Adrian Brody hits his target. I am an Iranian so I can make a perfect connection to this story, it is a tale of exile and forced migration, I had to go through a less severe version of exile myself.

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the poor and illiterate that were empowered by the Islamists and mullahs have been given a power to loot, abuse and murder those in minorities,wealthy individuals and those who supported the previous regime. the story still continues till today. illiterate,bigoted Muslim thugs with beards still kidnap , murder, blackmail and ransack as they please. Mullahs still hold power in 21st century and Sharia law is the law of the land.

It is very hard for me or any Iranian who lived before the revolution to even imagine the ciaos brought upon us by these Islamic vermin. I even noticed some of the regime apologist have lowered the rating here in IMDb screaming murder and demanding justice.

This film is incredibly close to really, there was no propaganda involved and even today the same is happening in Iran, when country is taken over by a fascist religious ideology these kind of behaviors are normal. What is abnormal are the regime apologists residing in the west and still defending the undeniable.

The story begins when a prosperous Jewish family living in North Tehran faced with horrors, a self-made business man with his family watches as his country being tore apart by fascist religious bigots. being Jewish and wealthy, his business is ransacked by his own employees and he was arrested for being in touch with Royal Family of Iran, His wife and child are being abused and constantly taunted by the notorious IRGC members.on other side his wife and child waiting for hi at home are being faced with a class indifference and illiterate lower class demanding their rights.

Watching this movie is incredibility put you in touch with revolutionary Iran, it worth every second and it is an incredible accurate of what really happened.

Reviewed by xerocool 1 / 10

Shameless political propaganda...

It would be an insult to call this a movie. This is plain and simple psychological brainwashing to incite public sentiment against a sovereign country, perhaps to prepare the masses for another war based on lies? Let's not forget Iraq and the lies leading up to a pointless war which has costed the lives of over one million innocent people and destroyed the lives of another 20+ million people, not to mention the huge surge in violence and terrorism throughout the region. And who benefited? The world? No. The American people? No. The Iraqi people? No. The only people who benefited are the ARMS manufacturers.

While it is your right to chose to watch or not watch, if you do, please keep in mind that this is FICTION. Go and visit Iran and see for yourself how humble, hospitable, educated and intelligent Iranian people are! Don't fall for the same tricks all over again that were used to build up negative public opinion against Iraq.

Many thanks!

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