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Noomi Rapace as Renee
Peter Stormare as Terrence
Michael Chiklis as Bald Man
Lesley Manville as Dr. Nyman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pixelblink 3 / 10

A competent student film...

... that turned into a full-length feature that somehow managed to snag a few high profile actors. Whoever decided to bankroll this production should've put their money into understanding scripts seeing as this barely had one. Poor direction overall, from the acting, to setting up scenes and pacing. The only thing that got me to finish watching was the mystery of it all which wasn't anything complex or special.

If this had been a 20-30 minute student film or fully realized Twilight Zone episode, then sure, I can roll with that. Long story short (like the movie should have been), don't waste your time.

Reviewed by Sylva Movie-Critic 10 / 10

Don't listen to the haters

Noomi Rapace has been on a roll as of late, bringing us one powerhouse performance after another. Rupture continues to prove that she will do anything to get her character and her performance right, even if that means giving herself, and us for that matter, a few nightmares along the way. Honestly, this film should have a disclaimer of some kind. Something like: "Warning, intense and phobia-inducing. We are not responsible for any nightmares that may occur." It's a spectacular film, one that I won't be forgetting any time soon.

Rupture begins with a view of a suburban area and the camera immediately pans 360 degrees to give us that feel of not really knowing where we are. It's a brilliant and effective maneuver by director Steven Shainberg, who has revisited directing for the first time in 10 years. He certainly hasn't lost a step in those ten years, bringing all kinds of fears and emotions to the screen that only a true talent can provide.

As the film progresses, Renee (Noomi Rapace) is preparing for the day when we see someone plant a device on her car tire. This is when feeling of paranoia sets in. It's obvious that someone is after her but we aren't sure who yet. As Renee is driving, her tire blows and is forced off the road. A man pulls over seemingly to help her but it turns out he's helping the captors. Already we have the sense that no one can be trusted. At this point, I was assuming that these people were hired by her ex-husband, or maybe it would take a turn like in The Game and one of her friends would have been behind it. I won't say what the true outcome is, but I will say it was completely unexpected.

The film keeps you guessing at every turn and that's something that is sadly rare these days. Most films copy other films which makes them all the easier to figure out. Thankfully the world has an actress such as Noomi Rapace who only accepts the roles that are mentally challenging rather than roles that spoon-feed you and give you answers immediately so your mind won't have to work too hard. If you ever want a film that will astonish, shock, and sometimes even terrify you, watch Rupture. I give the film 4 out of 4 stars.

Reviewed by dannygrangerdannyg 2 / 10

Not worth the effort

Firstly let me say that I watch hundreds of movies every year. I like to give any film the benefit of the doubt until the end. After resisting coming onto IMDb for so long, i had to join to let people know about this.

Simply put... This is not a good movie, you should be going elsewhere.

So many times during the plot I felt like the movie led me to believe it was about to kick up a notch from creepy music and promises, and then the lead actress just rolls over again and again and doesn't do anything. Just once she gets a bit of courage and does something brave, and this fizzles out too.

The ending left me feeling really disappointed, as that is where they could have saved the movie with a bit of action. But it all built up to nothing at all.

The actress was poor. The characters felt mismatched and unlikely. The acting was robotic. The plot twists were pointless and empty. The pseudo-science was not believable. The ending was flat.

After watching this I think my worst fear that could cause me to evolve would be to sit through this movie on repeat in a room I couldn't get out of. That could possibly make me scream...

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