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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christiank7 2 / 10

OMG Just astonishingly bad

What are you people in Australia drinking? It can not be the beer because that was usually pretty good unless the Chinese bought the breweries. So I am thinking its some form of kangapiss koolaid because this film is an insult to the intelligence of Roos and a nasty way to use the great old word BILLABONG. Really Australia? Is this what you are like these days. Yikes. Bad acting, terrible script, horrible accent and then there is the story. OK Lets leave the story out of it because what really gets me is that Australia is a bit like Germany. In Germany they can not get away from the NAZI period and in Australia you can not get away from the obligatory ABBO! Using the ABBO in films is a joke and so terribly liberal and so terribly insulting to the Australian Aborigine. So you see I use the term ABBO as it is portrayed in your films and do not intend any negative to the real Australian Aborigine. Sorry Australia but your pathetic guilt complex is just sickening. The music, the bad photography which reminds me of the cheap videos we used to make when we were 16 with our new VHS camera back in the seventies. Come on Australia - get a fracking grip. But the truth is that as long as you allow the Australian Film Commission to be involved and taxpayers money you will never grow up. I suggest that you all leave the film making to the rest of the world and just play footie which at least you are reasonable at.

Reviewed by browchay 2 / 10

It really is that bad

Absolutely dumbfounded as to how this is getting anything higher than 3 - 3.5 stars

As one of the previous reviewers suggested, it does look like it was made by Uni students during their lunch break. There are a number of painful scenes where the actors really are unsure of what they're supposed to be doing or how they should be acting.

Also, with regards to CGI, if you don't have the budget to do it well, don't do it at all. It was laughable. We didn't really need to see as much as we did, it would have been better leaving more to the imagination.

Wooden acting at best with lackluster direction. The idea and potential could have been great with thorough execution but this just left us all feeling like we wanted 2 hours of our lives back.

The dog was great.

Funny thing with some of the other 10/10 reviews.... check the profiles, one gold coast actor (supporting his friends in the industry) the others all created recently and only reviewing this film ... I smell a rat! ;-)

Reviewed by dr_spider_man 3 / 10

Good idea. Poor script.

This film is such a shame. It had everything going for it, decent production values, visually interesting and a unique idea. All of this gets turned into a missed opportunity by a poorly executed script full of cliques, casual misogyny and lazy dialogue.

The main problem is that main characters (the brother) are just boring. The film doesn't give you a single reason to like or care for them. They're not unlikable people but they're far from being interesting or emotionally engaging enough for you go on this journey with them. Nor are they cool or charismatic enough for you to live a power fantasy through them. On top of this, all the minor characters are totally interchangeable and forgettable (which the expectation of the goofy girl).

The main plot (until the monster plot takes over) is about the leads working out whether or not to sell their family farm. Something you don't really want for a film that's touting it self as as 'the biggest Australian action film of 2016'. I'm guessing they didn't catch the absurdly silly 'Gods of Egypt'.

You would think that this plot would just be a mcguffin so a family drama can unfold between the brothers but… nope. And this's the problem. Internally, you have no idea who the two leads or what they really want. Don't get me wrong, characters in these type of films needs to be too deep but they do need some dept. Even Max is the 'light on plot' 'Fury Road' had internal desires and motivations. I.e. testing if he could trust and connect with humans again. These characters are just uninspiring cliques who spurt plot points until the monster turns up.

The first two acts just have too many 'talking head' scenes that could have been edited right down. But in its defense, the third act is pretty good. It's where all the action, CG and set pieces are but by the time it came around, I'd I'd stopped caring.

To be honest, the film really didn't bother me too much. We've all seen bad films. What inspired the review was the Q&A after the film in which the director spend the entire time attempting to humble brag about how great he and his film is. He used every opportunity to mention that it was a "Good, fun action film" It's really not. It's a technically sound, bloated film with a bad script.

It also made it perfectly clear he's an 'independent filmmaker and not Hollywood". I think that was clear to everyone from all the actors from 'Home and Away'.

And he really going to leave his mark on the Australian film industry; not with scripts like this he isn't.

The film fails at it's aspirations of being a light and fun popcorn film. Everyone clearly has talent and were trying there best. It's not the worst thing I've ever seen, but there are so many other great Australian genre film you really should be watching before this.

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