Outlaws and Angels


Drama / Thriller / Western


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Teri Polo as Ada Tildon
Luke Wilson as Josiah
Francesca Eastwood as Florence Tildon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Watcher 42 1 / 10


Full of SPOILERS!!

Just another bad "rape and revenge" move with the classical characters, the ugly, the dumb and the sexy bad boy leader. The bad boy who has no second thoughts about killing anyone man that gets in his way, but wont harm any women. No surprises here (except that the sheriff goes posse with his finest shirt on and there are female stretch pants in the late 1800). The bad boy (who always are weak to a female touch) runs in good girl who tames bad boy and and shows that even a out beauty can hide awful cruelness. Has revenge on her wrongdoers with a bloody touch. And as in every r&r move there is a "counter rape", excessive blood splatter on revenging victim, dick shot. Utterly predicting boring. Bad scrip, bad music, bad move.

Reviewed by Rob Love 1 / 10

Fetishist's Gorefest and waste of a few hours.

This movie was awful enough to inspire me to do a public service and warn others away. First let me say the acting is decent as are the shots but this movie quickly devolves from exciting to excessively drawn out soft core porn with a gore furled orgy of an end except that it's not the end, it just keeps going and going with it's awkward out of place music as it tries to be artsy. I guess it worked based on the surprisingly positive reviews.

Don't worry no spoilers if this is your thing, if you like this style of movie then enjoy. The bandits themselves are entertaining at times so at least it had that going for it but the bounty hunters trailing them will undoubtedly leave you wondering what the hell happened on the journey.

Reviewed by Tony Heck (cosmo_tiger@hotmail.com) 5 / 10

The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera

"Where does it all begin. Violence, the gun, the knife, the axe. How's it born, how's it start?" Henry (Murray) and his gang of outlaws are on the run when the find a frontier house. They decide to hide out in there against the wishes of the family that lives in it. What starts off as a simple idea to hide soon expands into a dynamic that no one involved can explain or expect. There have been many many westerns that have come out in the last few years. Most of them awful, a few decent ones and then ones like this. One that isn't terrible and one that is worth seeing, but at the same time one that isn't all that memorable but it is watchable. The movie seemed to try way to hard to be like a toned down Hateful Eight but came off as more of a soap opera. There are some really good things in this and the twists are interesting and I do think it's worth seeing, but really only once. Overall, a movie that is entertaining as you watch it but a day or two after you won't remember half of it. I give this a C.

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