Mother's Day Massacre


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Five-Dollar-Bin-Fanatic 1 / 10

I know I'll never get those I.Q points back.

SURPRISE! You have an STD! You know what, I actually WOULDN'T be surprised if I got and STD from this piece of eye raping crap that some people would call "Mother's Day Massacre". I got this in a four movie collection from Echo Bridge Entertainment (and, for the record, they have a tendency to produce such crap, so whenever I see their logo, I die a little inside) known as "Backwoods Butchers", and none of them were worth watching twice. As for this one in particular, it isn't worth watching AT ALL. It's about some guy, who looks for his mother in some town, and meets some retarded kids who's mother is some weird Mexican chick who wants to kill the kid because his dad won't pay for their taken pot. First of all, the beginning made no sense, and I didn't click together that the chick who gets killed is even the main characters mother, and I didn't care enough to even gave a crap about the fact that he got his girlfriend pregnant, because frankly, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW HE GOT HER PREGNANT! See, when we first meet them both they were afraid to take a bubble bath together. He wasn't even allowed to look at her boobs! So, how they even got to have sex, I'll never know. But, just, promise me you'll never watch this movie. It makes no sense, and insults the intelligence of every horror film buff, and even lowers a person's I.Q a few DOZEN points. Oh, and God, I want that hour of my life back.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Enjoyably cruddy backwoods horror trash

Awkward teen Jim Cavanaugh (a likable portrayal by Adam Scarimbolo) and his friends go searching in some remote forest for Jim's long lost mother. Naturally, Jim and company run afoul of a family of murderous rednecks. Man, does this uproariously awful and idiotic turkey possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a real four star stinkeroonie: The hopelessly inept (mis)direction by Jeff Roenning (who also wrote the nonsensical script), a meandering narrative that plods along at a poky pace, clumsy outbursts of raw bloody violence, the hit-or-miss acting from an extremely variable cast (Greg Travis does well as Jim's evil and abusive dad Tex while Mel Gorham overacts up an atrocious storm as shrill and venomous matriarch Dolores), the shaky hand-held cinematography, no tension or creepy atmosphere to speak of, an utterly inappropriate roaring rock soundtrack, the annoying one-note characters, a hilariously sick sense of seriously perverse humor (one of the hillbilly psycho's kills someone while sporting a huge erection!), the excessively profane dialogue, and the completely ridiculous "you gotta be kidding me!" open-ended sequel set-up conclusion all provide a wealth of unintentional belly laughs. As an added plus, the pretty Emily Grace shows a little skin and snippets of the infamous infectiously catchy VD jingle from an old 60's PSA TV spot can be heard throughout. An absolute schlocky hoot.

Reviewed by FilmFatale 5 / 10

Amusingly Offensive

Maybe I'm feeling charitable, but I thought Mother's Day Massacre was pretty fun. Not that it's not a total mess - there are a whole bunch of plot threads and some of them intersect and some of them don't (and some that do still don't make sense) but I thought it was an amusing play on the hillbilly horror subgenre and I was able to recognize quite a few nods to other exploitation flicks. Greg Travis has a blast as Tex, father of our main character and cause of all the action that ensues. The teens are likable enough, the villains are over the top, and what it lacks in explicit gore it makes up for in perverse ideas. I can't really disagree with those who hated it, because this is only gonna work for a select few but I'd always prefer to watch an entertaining mess over a competent bore-fest.

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