Mothers and Daughters



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Christina Ricci as Rebecca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lifeiknowgamo 1 / 10


I really wanted to like this movie because it's an important theme and "should" be an emotional journey but 30 minutes in and it's getting almost impossible for me to even want to finish watching it. There is no emotional depth, the actors (all of them) are just cold and distant (and not in an intentional way); it's just very poorly acted. I have yet to get to a scene where Susan Sarandon is in; so I'm hoping she is the saving grace as we all now she can deliver an emotional performance (Stepmom). But damn this is so poorly acted. It's such a shame because it could've been a great movie based on the story-line but the delivery is not there at all.

Reviewed by Hellmant 4 / 10

Feels a lot like a 'Lifetime Movie of the Week'!

'MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS': Two Stars (Out of Five)

An indie drama flick; about the lives of several different mothers, and their daughters (told in interwoven stories). The film was directed by first time feature filmmakers Paul Duddridge and Nigel Levy; and it was written by Paige Cameron, also making her feature film debut, and Duddridge ('based on a concept by'). It stars Selma Blair, Mira Sorvino, Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Christina Ricci, Alexandra Daniels, Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri (Sarandon's real life daughter, playing her daughter in the film). The movie received really poor reviews from critics, and this is one film I definitely agree with them on.

The movie tells the story of many different women, struggling with real world problems. These problems include work, men, and family relationships. The film (obviously) centers on the relationships between the mothers and their daughters (of course). All of the stories are interwoven, and many are shown through the photography of Rigby Grey (Blair); who is an expecting mother herself.

While the cast is all extremely talented, their performances here are pretty weak; obviously due to a terrible script, and really bad directing. The filmmakers are all amateurs, and it shows, but the directors do have a great deal of TV experience, and that shows as well. The movie feels a lot like a 'Lifetime Movie of the Week'; and that's really sad, given all of the good actresses involved. The film obviously had good intentions, and movies focusing on real women (and their daily struggles) are really rare, so it's disappointing that this film misses it's mark (so excessively).

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Reviewed by Casey Collopen 7 / 10

Worth while watching till the end, don't let the first 20 minutes fool you

It sure took a while to ease into the movie. For you thinking what's going on and how does all of this connect..eventually you get with the flow of the movie and get the hang of it. It involves a couple families with mother and daughter problems and with the main woman ,Rigsby, you see how she makes her hard decision on whether or not to have a child on her own. Quite inspiring there. I actually quite enjoyed watching it with my mom. Very sweet and heartfelt, don't judge so harsh and quickly. Can be, for some, a 'tearjerker' so good idea to keep some tissues handy. Only 90 minutes long, don't judge at first site! Many people didn't finish watching this movie and so they rated it terribly.

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