Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by namstudio-vn 7 / 10

Interesting concept but the main character boring as hell

Simple put, I like the theme and the music, fantastic choreograph, scene setup. But the story will be boring as hell with out the character "engineer" a Pimp. the main characters are boring and way too easy to forget. you can watch haft way of the show and realize you can't remember their name.

Reviewed by gws-2 10 / 10

The best Film of a Stage Musical I have Seen

I came to Miss Saigon with little or no knowledge of what it was about or even who wrote it. The only reason I got the unexpected privilege of seeing this great film of a great musical was the recommendation of a friend, a fellow musical theatre buff, who recommended it to me. The Blu-ray disk apparently isn't available in the United States, so I bought it from Amazon.uk. I'm glad I did.

The show is deeply emotional and often very sad. I wasn't prepared for that so by the end of the night I had been worn out but worn out in a good way.

The show's four principal characters, The Engineer, Kim, Chris, and John were all played by talented actors who could both sing and act. I was particularly impressed by the then 18 year old Eva Noblezada, who played Kim. The show will be moving to Broadway in March with many of the actors who are in this filmed version.

In an early scene, Gigi (played by the wonderful Rachelle Ann Go), Kim, and the rest of the girls with whom they work, sing the haunting, "The Movie in my Mind." The 17 year old Kim, who is new sings,

"I will not cry, I will not think/ I'll do my dance, I'll make them drink/ When I make love, it won't be me/ And if they hurt me, I'll just close my eyes"

But the girls all hope to be rescued by an American GI from their desperate and dangerous lives. The song ends with Kim singing her own dream, of

"A world that's far away/ Where life is not unkind/ The movie in my mind"

There is a lot that is funny in the show too, primarily delivered by the cynical but wily Engineer. Alas, though, this is a show about loss, which I guess should be clear, as it is based on Puccini's tragic, "Madam Butterfly."

I cannot recommend the "Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary" too highly. The film tells its dark and tragic story with beauty and elegance. Not to be missed!

Reviewed by david_kravitz 10 / 10


To quote the critic of the Daily Mail, "The best live film of a stage show that I've seen". And I fully agree with him. I am an avid fan of musicals with a DVD collection over 700+.

Having had to wait 25 years since my late wife and I saw it at Drury Lane, London, I have had to be content with the CD.

This production and the DVD are worth more than 10. If you buy only one DVD of a musical, stage or screen, it has to be this one. From the two showstoppers at the beginning and end, The heat is on in Saigon and American Dream, to the beautiful duet, The last night of the World, the score and the performances are fantastic.

After Les Miserables, still the best musical ever, Boubil and Schonberg came up with another smash, this time based on Madame Butterfly. And thanks to Cameron Mackintosh for his foresight in producing both shows.

Bringing this show to a smaller stage than Drury Lane created several problems the least of which was the helicopter and the number involving the statue of Ho Chi Min was more cramped.

There are two extras with the DVD, one giving a history of the musical and the other, the after show performances from the original cast which reduced me to tears of joy. Each member of both casts and the production team deserve a huge amount of applause, which they duly got.

The close up singing shots strongly suggest there were so many cameras, that many were on stage and thus part of the performances were filmed not on the night. If you love musicals, this one totally without fault with a dream cast and incredible production values. Enjoy.

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