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Casper Van Dien as Lt. Col. Harold Richards
Adrienne Barbeau as Dr. Withersford
Eden Riegel as Mary Anderson
Sean Maher as Dr. Abe Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Phil Mckay 10 / 10

Excellent, slow moving, interesting Sci-Fi

This movie is probably not for everybody, but hey, everybody has Iron Man 26 to entertain them!

I loved this film start to finish. I thought the acting was great, the tone captivating, the set serviceable, and the humour subtle.

The concept is extremely interesting, it's a shame the answers are not a little more obvious but I suppose that is the point. I was engrossed during the entire runtime and really enjoyed realising why things had happened at the start that were initially confusing made sense towards the end (i.e the doctor not caring that the colonel had died).

It's low on effects, thrills, and budget, but high in all the right places for the cerebral viewer.

If you like a captivating, very slow moving, pondering Sci-Fi that doesn't give you all the answers then I think you'll love ISRA 88 (Mission 88).

Reviewed by crayvenrayven 1 / 10


slow boring with no point.the movie went no where i kept waiting on something to happen.

finally just speed up the movie to x2 speed just to get it over with in hope that it will make some point or that anything would happen to make sense.

i would have to say this is by far the worst movie that i have watched in 2016 bouncing a ball against the wall is more entertaining.

i never have posted a review before but i felt compelled to try to save others from the pain of this boring headache inducing crap movie. this movie is so terrible that it has made my list of 10 worst movies of the decade. there should be a warning attached to the title warning people that it may cause drowsiness headaches and nausea

Reviewed by harrythorpe 1 / 10

A confusing, pointless movie with bad acting and a bad script.

I will not repeat the items others pointed out about this movie. I will add some points of my own.

Spoiler alert! If you continue reading, you will be presented with key elements of the movie.

I think the majority of the current scientific community would agree that our universe is finite yet unbounded; there is no end point. But let's assume there is. That point would be at least 13.5 billion light years from us. The ship would have to be traveling at a trans warp speed, yet the two guys are talking to a man on Earth in real time. Really? And there are absolutely no relativistic issues to deal with. They even have an odd looking observation area where they can watch objects zoom past them.

We had some background 'science' given to us, but it was lacking, to say the least. There was talk of equations that had numbers that were 'theoretical', beyond even imaginary numbers. There were lots of equations that daughter of Maude adjusted from time to time. She works best when just dancing to 'The Hustle'. Anyway, no one ever told us the why of it all.

It was a curious thing that there were two experiments, one with bees and the other with an electric eel. The objective was to study the effects of a weightless environment. Trouble is, the guys seemed to be working in an environment with standard Earth gravity. Odd that no one thought of the why here.

The hardware in the ship was very strange. The monitor for watching old sitcoms was something from 1958, and used a wired remote control. Most people reading this have probably never even seen a wired remote. We are led to believe that the command center was just there for the pilot to play with, and did not really do anything. There was nothing on the ship that looked remotely modern; it looked more like left over pieces of hardware from 'Lost in Space'.

The plot? Well, I did not notice one. I really gave this movie every chance. Boring, boring, boring. Long, very long scenes where nothing of any importance happened. I wonder that the director ever asked 'how does this scene move the story along?' Things happened with absolutely no explanation. The characters changed their basic personalities, and the end made me angry. No one could think of something interesting to happen, or at least make the audience think? Really?

I walked away from this movie wondering why anyone bothered to create it, much less why anyone would bother to watch it. Two words of advice: run screaming.

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