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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harald Hofer 1 / 10


After "God is not Dead" the makers of this film go one step further: They imply that atheist are most likely to become school shooters. The whole thing is disgusting and a pain to watch. The actors are nice and some of them talented, but nothing more. The characters are stereotyped, the story exaggerated. In the shooting not only religious people died but also none-religious: I don't get this urge of Christians to present themselves as martyrs at every single opportunity. My advice: Just don't waste your time on this abomination. Go out, watch the nightly sky and enjoy the feeling of being part of this fantastic universe. Take the time to think about this "The stars died so that you could be here today." Or just poke your nose. Even then your time is used much better.

Reviewed by thesnowypuck 10 / 10


Confused at to why people are on here rating 1 star and trashing it because it's religious..... Then why did you watch it? You obviously knew it was going to be a religious movie, and then you complain about it. Not to mention, this girl WAS A Christian. It's not like they're adding something that wasn't there.. SHE WAS A Christian. Really sad that Atheists always feel the need to bash anyone and everyone who isn't EXACTLY like them. *Sees trailer for Christian movie* "I MUST GO AND GIVE A FALSE REVIEW AND SAY HOW BAD IT WAS BECAUSE IT'S RELIGIOUS!" Absolutely pathetic. "Sad they had to push their religious agenda on here." Sweetie, we didn't "push" anything. This girl was a Christian. Maybe it's YOU who doesn't know the whole story. Get your facts before you spew more ignorance.

Reviewed by komradekontroll 1 / 10

Don't Do That

This is probably the most well-made Pure Flix film to date.

Too bad it's taking advantage of a tragedy to push it's religious agenda.

You see, when you make a movie about such a tragedy, you owe it to the survivors, and the families of the deceased to get your facts right...as well as not push your agenda.

The ending to this film never happened. It didn't. The rest of the film probably didn't happen either (save for the actual school shooting).

The most offensive thing about this film isn't even the "this is a true story" aspect to it, despite being riddled with falsehoods.

No the most offensive thing about this film is how it tries to manipulate you, especially at the end of film, by using such a tragedy to elicit an emotional response. They even got actual survivors and friends of Rachel to place flowers and such on her car, though none of them seem to question the validity of the movie (probably because they had no idea just how bad the movie really is).

Movies about tragedy can be made, but please, don't use tragedy as a backdrop for your agenda.

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