Ice Age: Collision Course


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Jennifer Lopez as Shira
Melissa Rauch as Francine
Nick Offerman as Gavin
Simon Pegg as Buck / Pythagorus Buck / Robo Buck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Anurag-Shetty 7 / 10

An entertaining but unnecessary sequel.

Ice Age: Collision Course continues with the adventures of Manny(Ray Romano), Diego(Denis Leary) & Sid(John Leguizamo). When Earth is about to be bombarded by a meteor shower, it is up to Manny, Diego, Sid & the rest of the herd, to save themselves & prevent the end of the world. They take the help of their old friend, Buck(Simon Pegg).

Ice Age: Collision Course is a fun film. Kids will love it. However, adults will only find it mildly entertaining. Personally, I feel that the Ice Age franchise should have ended with the fourth movie. Ice Age(2002), Ice Age: The Meltdown(2006), Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs(2009) & Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012) are all great movies. Ice Age: Continental Drift(2012) has a perfect ending & there was absolutely no need to make further sequels. Blue Sky Studios decided to make one more Ice Age movie. This film is not boring at all. However, I am a fan of the Ice Age movies and, I am slightly disappointed with this film. There is not as much humor in this movie, as there is in previous installments. There are funny scenes but, there are not as many of them, as I would have liked. There are a slew of new characters. Some of them are welcome additions but, some of them are not. Due to the fact that there are too many characters, some of our favorite characters get sidelined. These are the movie's flaws. The animation is great. The 3D is impressive. The voice acting is amazing. Ray Romano is awesome as Manny. John Leguizamo is outstanding as Sid. Denis Leary is brilliant as Diego. Simon Pegg is spectacular as Buck. Queen Latifah is good as Ellie. Keke Palmer is superb as Peaches. Adam Devine is endearing as Julian. Wanda Sykes is hilarious as Granny. Seann William Scott & Josh Peck are funny as Crash & Eddie, respectively. Nick Offerman, Max Greenfield & Stephanie Beatriz are adequate as Gavin, Roger & Gertie, respectively. Jennifer Lopez is effective as Shira. Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Jessie J are impressive as Shangri Llama & Brooke, respectively. Chris Wedge is hysterical as Scrat. Ice Age: Collision Course is worth a watch. However, watch it with low expectations.

Reviewed by corvoifar 6 / 10

series going down

this movie is total bad movie. The movie does not contain any depth in the story. Really no story at all. total time waste for me, there was a few time where I laughed, but it is merely enough. I am really disappointed the way the series is headed. Ice age 1 was the best and so is Ice age 3. Ice age 2 was OK. I laughed many times for the 4th title that is continental drift but Number 5 i.e. collision course was not met my expectation. The movie is worse than other four movies in the series. I lost my valuable one and a half hour behind this. The production makes this movie as they have to make another sequel. No real sympathy moment in the movie as well. But one thing was good about this movie was Simon peg who voiced buck, I liked buck character from previous movies as well. Overall the movie is flop to me.

Reviewed by henrydunders 10 / 10

Fun Age

Before I begin this review, let me state that I have IBS. For those of you who do not know, IBS stands for Irritable bowel syndrome. This diagnosis causes me to have very impulsive, and often inexcusable bathroom troubles.

On to the review. I have to just say, wow. Ice Age: Collision Course, being the 5th installment of this animated franchise, is still as good as it gets while Blue Sky has a say in it. Sure, some people may say that the last thing a franchise does is launch its characters into space before its torn apart, but Blue Sky has once again found a way to picture its beloved Cg characters in a fresh, and beautiful light.

The animation was as beautiful as ever, the fur seems to be better facilitated- simulated and cached with each film, and of course, being in space, Blue Sky had the opportunity to take its effect simulations to outside of the planet, itself.

The work that Blue Sky put into this film, in my opinion, may have even been too beautiful. I got a bit too excited and had to run to the bathroom about 2/3 into the animation, causing me to miss a pivotal moment. If there was one problem with my experience watching the new Ice Age, its that I had to watch it with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


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