Hard Target 2


Action / Thriller

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Scott Adkins as Wes Baylor
Rhona Mitra as Sofia
Robert Knepper as Aldrich
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Reviewed by Bob Rutzel 7 / 10

Very Exciting

Retired MMA fighter Wes Baylor (Scott Atkins) is given a chance to fight in Myanmar for 1-Million Dollars. He sort of retired after killing his best friend in a championship bout. When he goes there, he discovers there is no fight, but instead he will be the hunted. He is given a million dollars in rubies and can keep them if he makes it to the border. He sees the 7- men and one woman, Sofia (Rhona Mitra), who will be hunting him along with Aldrich (Robert Knepper) the so- called fight promoter. Let the games begin.

This is, of course, a variation of the Most Dangerous Game, but here Baylor will be hunted down with a GPS locator, long range rifles, hi-tech crossbows- with lights-, knives, swords, stun guns, pistols, jeeps, drones, motorcycles, and helicopters. (Didn't see any hand-grenades) Along the way he meets Tha (Ann Truong) a pretty jungle girl, whose brother is missing and she suspects he is being hunted and is hiding from Aldrich.

The fighting, stunts are simply brutal but outstanding. (Remember this is just a movie) Atkins as Baylor isn't given the wry comedic quips as a Bond, James Bond is known for. No, we see him as deadly serious as he is literally fighting for his life. Well, now for Tha's too.

The photography and cinematography are outstanding. The acting all around is good and the pacing is fast and furious.

Robert Knepper who will be forever known as Tea Bag from that Prison Break TV series did good as the boss of this gang of hunters and, at times, he was able to inject some morbid humor into this. He has a good way of doing that.

The only complaint I have is why, why , why would Baylor leave guns and knives on the ground after he kills one of the hunters and runs away? Why indeed.

Overall this was pretty exciting. The ending kind of left me thinking there might be a Hard Target 3 and maybe, just maybe we will see a more animated Baylor with some humorous quips. Could happen. (7/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes, not much.

Reviewed by joerg-nezmeskal 7 / 10

Pretty good

If you are a fan of Van Damme's "Hard Target" or Action movies in General you should see this one. It's not right up there with the original, lacking the style of John Woo and the Charisma of Van Damme but it makes up with great Locations (can't see all those movies shot in the same Areas of Eastern Europe or Canada any more), good Action setups (lots of shootouts and explosions) and a pretty fine cast. You have to give the Producers and the director credit not just to cash in on the Name of a hidden nostalgic Action gem but coming up with a pretty good flick, they seemingly invested a good amount of Money and work in. Oh, and Rhona Mitra is in it *swoon*.

Reviewed by disdressed12 6 / 10

not horrible,not great

this film doesn't compare to the first one,in a few ways.the action sequences aren't as epic.the acting was okay,but not great,except for Robert Knepper,who played Aldrich,the main villain,and Ann Trong who played the female lead to Scott Adkins male lead.she was also very good.as for the dialogue I also thought some of it was cringe worthy and clichéd.the fight scenes were not bad,although they weren't great.the plot is basically this: Wes Baylor,a retired martial artist is offered a million dollars for one last fight.however,things are not what they seem.what follows is a fair amount of action,though like I said,it isn't as epic as the original.however,having said all that,it was still watchable,and entertaining.for me,Hard Target 2 is a 5.6/10

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