Good Kids



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

promising premise undelivered

Nora (Zoey Deutch), Andy (Nicholas Braun), Lion (Mateo Arias), and Spice (Israel Broussard) are best friends since childhood. They are unflinchingly good kids in the poor side of the resort town and headed for good colleges. They refused to party or do anything bad. Lion teaches martial arts to little kids. One of his students invites him to her birthday party on the rich side of town where they've never been. The group of townie friends decide to go partying and do all the bad things that they missed.

This is a promising premise but newcomer Chris McCoy is unable to deliver on the hard-partying fun. The premise is built to be an one-crazy-night movie. Instead, it's all stretched out and it rambles around. There are some rom-com ideas but they're slapped together haphazardly. Although, it does lead to a surprisingly great friendzone conversation. The characters and actors are perfectly nice. Braun has his great lanky awkwardness. Zoey Deutch could do more awkwardness to help her character. The other two have less to do. They're all nice but this is nothing special or anything that funny.

Reviewed by annushehrahim 1 / 10

Complete miss

I can see what this movie was trying to do - a bright, fun and feel-good smart movie about a group of "nerds" graduating high school, who want to make up for all the experiences they missed in high school before they go to their respective ivy league colleges. Unfortunately, instead you got a 20% there movie that made me cringe more than it made me laugh.

The characters were two dimensional, at best. It focused primarily on the least interesting character - in an attempt to give him some depth maybe? The two other guys, Lion and Spice, were completely overlooked - despite the fact that they both had a lot more potential than the main guy. As for the girl, her primarily role was that of a "woah she's actually hot!" nerd-girl-who-takes-her-glasses off. The plot was predictable, riddled with unrealistic and unnecessary moments, the dialogue didn't do anything. Most scenes were either cut too short for anything to be developed, or developed so far that it wasn't even satirical or funny; it was just overkill.

"Good kids" treads on the coming-of-age, feel-good youth high school movie - only without any nuance, any likable characters, any ability to resonate with an audience.

Reviewed by E.W. Gerdes 4 / 10

Like All Teen Movies, It Had Potential

Despite the fact that the creators of 'American Pie' (the teen film that truly ended the John Hughes era and ruined the legacy of teen films by making them full of raunch and lacking any sort of real resonation with its target audience) were behind this movie, I genuinely wanted to see if it would be any good. I liked the trailer alright, and I have enjoyed the performances of both Nicholas Braun and Zoey Deutch in the past.

Unfortunately, despite being at least partially original and having a pleasing tone/mood, the film doesn't deliver much of anything. It's little more than a series of sequences involving the good kids going to parties and experimenting with sex and drugs. Movies like this are hard to make right (though it can and has been done). This is definitely not it though.

I think the biggest turnoff of the movie is the Ashley Judd scenes. Braun getting laid with all the 40 year old tennis players is neither a flattering montage nor a necessary one. A lot of sleeping around is done in this movie (and this comes from a big fan of 'Seinfeld'), and then we're expected to accept that he and Deutch fall in love at the end without any build-up whatsoever.

It's generally just a film one watches and says repeatedly, "I know how this scene could have been done so that this would have been one of the better teen films of the 2010s." Too bad it didn't turn out that way.

This was a perfectly disposable movie. A few cute moments and a couple of rare but genuine laughs made me okay with the fact that I watched it once. Can't see myself doing it again without getting bored.

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