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Reviewed by E.W. Gerdes 4 / 10

Like All Teen Movies, It Had Potential

Despite the fact that the creators of 'American Pie' (the teen film that truly ended the John Hughes era and ruined the legacy of teen films by making them full of raunch and lacking any sort of real resonation with its target audience) were behind this movie, I genuinely wanted to see if it would be any good. I liked the trailer alright, and I have enjoyed the performances of both Nicholas Braun and Zoey Deutch in the past.

Unfortunately, despite being at least partially original and having a pleasing tone/mood, the film doesn't deliver much of anything. It's little more than a series of sequences involving the good kids going to parties and experimenting with sex and drugs. Movies like this are hard to make right (though it can and has been done). This is definitely not it though.

I think the biggest turnoff of the movie is the Ashley Judd scenes. Braun getting laid with all the 40 year old tennis players is neither a flattering montage nor a necessary one. A lot of sleeping around is done in this movie (and this comes from a big fan of 'Seinfeld'), and then we're expected to accept that he and Deutch fall in love at the end without any build-up whatsoever.

It's generally just a film one watches and says repeatedly, "I know how this scene could have been done so that this would have been one of the better teen films of the 2010s." Too bad it didn't turn out that way.

This was a perfectly disposable movie. A few cute moments and a couple of rare but genuine laughs made me okay with the fact that I watched it once. Can't see myself doing it again without getting bored.

Reviewed by olikersh 2 / 10

Worse than average

This movie treads the same ground as countless other teen summer comedies only it does it considerably worse. The characters manage to be both 2 dimensional and thoroughly unlikable, each scenes drifts into another with no real sense of purpose or momentum and so much of it is worthy of being cut you would struggle to make this into a reasonable short film. There is an underlying sense of bitterness from the writer/director across this film and everything in it just seems lazy. Most of the actors are fine with the very little they are given but don't be surprised if you find yourself 20 minutes into this film feeling like its been more than an hour. If somebody spent money on this, they've wasted it.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

Humor Just Doesn't Work

Four lifelong friends, living in a summer resort town in Massachusetts, have just graduated from high school, and will be entering college in the fall. They've been straight arrows up until now, but decide they want to reinvent themselves to experience all the things they've resisted and to make this their summer of "yes". Thus, they'll embark on a campaign to have as much alcohol, drugs, and sex as they can find, so that they'll be more ready for the college experience.

This sex comedy becomes quite raunchy as it progresses with lots of explicit language throughout, numerous implied sex scenes, drug use, and drinking. You might expect all these things in a teen film of this nature, but perhaps its biggest problem, in my opinion, is that it's just not funny. The humor constantly falls flat and can be even mean-spirited at times.

The acting is fairly solid from the cast, but they can only do so much with this weak screenplay. It's also a mystery to me why the most talented actress Ashley Judd has agreed to play a small role here as a cougar.

Overall, for me there were just a couple of laughs in the entire film and thus the low rating.

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