God's Not Dead 2


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 7198


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Jesse Metcalfe as Tom Endler
Robin Givens as Principal Kinney
Maria Canals-Barrera as Catherine Thawley
Ernie Hudson as Judge Robert Stennis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by (MoviesRT) 10 / 10

Fantastic and moving film - even better than the first one!!

I knew when I saw the low rating that I absolutely had to see this movie to find out the truth.

I went in with low expectations. I liked the first one a lot because it showed how history and science support the Bible and indeed the creation of this universe, but I had no idea this one would be even better. If you have a tender or emotional bone in your body, it will bring tears to your eyes. Don't listen to the haters, this movie is incredibly well done. And very moving.

The sheer volume of hatred towards the movie shows how effective it is in getting its message across. I doubt all the negative ratings are coming from anyone who actually saw the movie, but maybe they fear it for its effectiveness. Who knows?

Very realistic and timely, hitting on all the topics that are currently affecting this country and the world.

The persecution of Christians is not just happening overseas. We see the attacks every day in the news here in the US, especially in our schools.

It was great to see Pat Boone and Fred Thompson. The latter just died last year. Glad he was able to be part of this before he passed.

And having the famous author, Lee Strobel, confirming the authenticity of the Bible and J. Warner Wallace confirming scientifically the existence of Jesus was an added bonus.

The reviewers who said this was all fabricated either live under a rock or are denying reality. How could people not know what's going on?

Sad that they pan a great movie because of their hatred for truth.

Maybe we need more brave souls to stand up and let others know about how great this movie is. I'll start...

Bottom line: Best movie I've seen in the last few years - by far!!

Reviewed by NoWireHangers 1 / 10

More Christian paranoia with no basis in reality.

God's Not Dead 2 is another paranoid fantasy where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs in the US. A teacher, Grace Wesley, is asked a question about Jesus in history class and gives an innocent answer. Suddenly, an arsenal of evil atheists led by the ACLU takes her to court for violating the separation of church and state. Meanwhile, pastors are forced to hand in their sermons for review by a government agency in a subplot that is introduced and then dropped and never resolved.

The whole plot is ludicrous. In the real world, the villains obviously wouldn't have a case because Wesley didn't actually preach to her students. But for the sake of the plot she's taken to court so that we can get to hear "expert witnesses" like Lee Strobel tell us that Jesus really existed, as if that's what the case was really about. In the closing credits, about a dozen real court cases are cited as inspiration, but if you read the summaries about them not even one of them is even remotely similar to the case in the movie. This just shows that the whole premise of the movie is a complete straw man with no basis in reality, designed to feed the persecution complex of some Christians. Movies like this only makes Christians look ridiculous.

Reviewed by Lary9 2 / 10

Another Christian Persecution Strawman Movie For The Faithful To Knock Down

Firstly, I'm an atheist. I was raised a devout Episcopalian but I often refer to myself as a secular humanist & non-believer but raised with culturally Christian views. Having said that, I noticed right away at the scene in the history class that nothing Melissa Hart said actually violated any hard & fast 1stAMD separation issues. She was within her rights to share those historical facts. She responded to a question in a history class about historically specific correlations between traditions in non-violent protest and passive resistance. Maybe she could have omitted the lengthy scripture quote from the Gospel---but a sound argument could be made that even that was academically relevant too. So...IMHO it was quite relevant and legal. Remember...I'm not a "believer". No school board would take this complaint seriously. I actually think that the ACLU might have defended Melissa Hart!!! It's obvious that the movie makers are trying to unfairly demonize the "freedom from religion" crowd (a rapidly growing demographic BTW) as fanatically unreasonable and angry. In fact, I've found that the exact opposite is usually true. Just research the landmark Kitzmiller vs Dover School board case. As to the ongoing portrayal of atheists and liberal religious types throughout the film, it's an inartfully constructed "straw man" set up for the express purpose of getting easily knocked down. Poor Christians! They have a Biblical persecution complex and are happiest when they can imagine being burned at the stake by the ACLU and a shouting, un-Churched mob of pagan non-believers! Wait 'til you see how they depict the ACLU lawyers as basely motivated by notoriety, power politics and publicity. Not very good...and not persuasive. I think most people can see through this bit of evangelical agitprop whether religious or non-religious.

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