Blair Witch


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 26064


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Valorie Curry as Talia
Callie Hernandez as Lisa Arlington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djdisko 10 / 10


Great follow up to The Blair Witch Project. Heathers brother and 5 friends head into the woods to see if he can find his sister. If you loved the original you will love this too. The pure creepiness of the woods and those scary stick figures and piles of stones only add to the tension. And the end is a nerve wrecking ending. Is Heather trapped there or not? The Rustin Parte house is even scarier now. Just pretend Book Of Shadows doesn't exist. Do you see the witch or not? I love how the movie starts then just speeds up as it goes along. Can't wait for the next movie in the franchise. I wish they would do a prequel. I think it would be great to show Elly Kedwards story.

Reviewed by pazu7 1 / 10

Ashley?... Ashley! .... Ashley!!!

Shhh.... Did you hear that?... Peter?... Peter?!... Peter!... Peeeter!!... Ashley!...Ashley?... Ashley!....ASHLEY!... Aaaashleeey!!... Aaashleeey!....James?... Jaaames!...Lisa!... Liiisaaaa!... Peter?... Peter!!!.... Lane?... Laaane?.... Talia?... Talia!.... Ashley?... James???... Lisa? ... Liiisaaaa!... HEY! All of you just shut the f**k up! It's over! OK? Take it down a notch. It's finally done. What started in 1999 with a unique low-budget, cleverly executed and promoted, and genuinely creepy little indie film, finally ended in 2016 with a ridiculous corporate big-budget hackneyed piece of shhhh...did you hear that?... Ashley?... Ashley?.... ASHLEY!

Reviewed by veronika 10 / 10

Loved it! *Mild spoiling*

It isn't often we see horror movies without the slasher-horror and that is what makes this the perfect horror-movie. I must admit I would've loved some kind of closure with the witch, but that's the only negative in my opinion. It got a lot of jump scares! Most movies i predict when the next scare is coming, but not with this one. It was refreshing! Brilliant work, both by the director and the actresses. I hope some horror-directors will get some inspiration from Blair Witch 2016. I am beyond impressed by the acting of the girl playing Lisa, especially at the end. All in all, this is the perfect horror movie to watch a late night with your buddy!

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