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Reviewed by David Armstrong 10 / 10

Best line in the film

-Warning! Spoilers! Do NOT read this until AFTER you have watched the film.-

Around 1:35 in the film, when Albert (Chris Tucker) is in the bathroom talking to Lynn about what "they call in my business, a Hollywood Moment."

As he is reassuring him, he says that he will, "Go all the way to China to get this film made if he has to."

So meta. So awesome. Even the cinematography there, with the pep talk to Lynn "..more Americans need to see the war like you guys do.." was straight out of a prior generation American propaganda flick. Vocal tone. Framing.

Ang Lee and the rest of the team did an amazing job with this. If any hour's plus worth of film can communicate so, so many of the true dynamics involved in the "War on Terror", this is the film to do it.

This film should be mandatory viewing for all middle school or high school students. The characters and dialogue are so over the top sarcastic and poignant, that I truly believe all but the most dense and indoctrinated Americans will be forced to think and question by this film.

The moment where the union thugs, whose conflict started over their slighted authority to clear the stage previously, ambush the shoulders, really drives how upside down our society has become with regards to where the reins of power are. They are there in hands those who put on the show to support the empire. Not those whose story is propagandized to in the first place.

Military or Minimum Wage Service, which one will it be? Too many Americans are forced with that brutal choice for survival. This film does an amazing job of touching upon the absurdity between 'rich' and 'poor'.

Above and beyond everything this film did well, the dialogue and casting for Garrett Hedlund as the SSGT leader of Bravo was beyond stellar. He perfectly projected that manipulative technique, that the military uses as a lever to keep some of the most good intentioned troops engaged in combat.

"No matter how screwed up the mission. No matter how dire the circumstances. It is all about the man to your left, and to your right. They are there for you, and you are there for them."

Or as it was written in the film. (paraphrased) "I need you Billy. I need you to help me keep these guys alive." It was the moment that Lynn decided to stay with the guys. It is a moment that anyone who has ever made a commitment to someone else, and had that commitment tested in a manner that few ever will, can perfectly understand.

I hope that people, after watching this film, take a real hard look at what is going on behind the reasons they are given. That they look at the reasons television, and the Internet give them for supporting a government, that sends good men, to do violence in some of the poorest places on earth, for the benefit of fewer than 1% of the world's population. Not just less than 1% of America's population, but of the world's population.

"It would take a real hero to stand up to our country." as Kathryn (Kristen Stewart) says at the end.

But first, heroes would have to unplug from the narrative.

Reviewed by trublu215 4 / 10

Despite Ang Lee's greatest efforts, this film just can't rise above being more than a gimmick.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk gives us the workings of cinema master Ang Lee in this boisterous, ballsy film that wishes it was better than what it is. The film tells the story of a hero solider who returns home to be on display at a Super Bowl Halftime show, as he is about to make his long walk, he is plagued with bouts of PTSD that force him to recount exactly what happened to him. The film's concept is great, there's no denying that. This could have easily been a straight forward drama without all the technicalities that Ang Lee put into it. Yes, 120fps makes it VERY easy to look at but outside of that, the substance to make have some sustainability is just not there.

The film takes us on the journey of Billy Lynn from home, from the battlefield, from the halftime show. While we always know where Billy Lynn is coming from, we don't know where he is going. Lee creates a beautiful image but lacks developing any sort of meaningful relationship with Billy Lynn. Despite a strong performance from newcomer Joe Alwyn along with the rest of the cast, there's nothing really substantial here. The supporting cast featuring Garrett Hedlund, Kristin Stewart and Vin Diesel are all stellar in their own rights but without a well told story backing them up, their efforts feel useless.

Overall, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk is beautiful to look at and definitely keeps in line with Ang Lee's Life of Pi more so than with any of his other films but what Life of Pi had in the way of story, this film lacks every step of the way. We know we're supposed to care about these characters, we are just not given a good enough reason to. If you're a fan of Ang Lee or cutting edge cinematography, definitely give this a watch. Outside of those two qualities, it's a film that is hard to recommend.

Reviewed by austin0731 6 / 10

not quite

In terms of visuals Billy Lynn's was very impressive, however I would ask, is this the right genre of film to showcase such technical cinematography? Obviously such stunning shots could only be a plus to the film but for a film that is really more about one's internal struggles rather than exterior conflicts I do find it quite an odd decision to make this film in such a way. I did go in expecting an all out war movie since I have heard of all of these things that Ang Lee is doing in this film, in terms of visuals. Which did leave be surprised but also disappointed at how few those scenes are. Essentially this film takes place within a time span of one day and all takes place at this football game? What?

Obviously there were flashback scenes and all but there were quite few and every time we jump back to the present time it just leaves be craving for the next flashback scene. I can understand this message that the film was trying to send about being considered a 'war hero', about all the costs and sacrifices that soldiers are making each day and the way they are treated. How decorated war heroes are just a sort of title, people will show you and tell you how much they appreciate your services and what not but when it comes to actually giving anything we never seem to be so eager to. It is a film that showcases this idea of being crowned a 'hero' and what it really means, and sure that was quite an interesting theme to look at.

But perhaps to make this whole story more impactful instead of having flashbacks tell us the story overseas we get a whole first half of the film showing it to us, before all of the victory tour stuff. It just makes it very hard for audiences to understand the implications and the sacrifices that they have made if this sort of flashback storytelling is used. It is often hard to make a good war movie that isn't based on a true story, this is likely because when audiences know that it is fictitious the stakes wouldn't be so high, and it won't really touch people's hearts so to speak. So both these elements combine to create the war's lack of importance which is a very bad thing to have happen.

In conclusion, I liked what they were trying to say, the underlying idea and theme of the film came indefinitely of a good place. However poor storytelling and lack of story in general really made this film suffer quite a bit.

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