Barbie and the Secret Door


Animation / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Teryl Rothery as Queen of Zinnia
Ali Liebert as Youngling Fairy
Andrew Francis as Prince Kieran
Britt Irvin as Jenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ninjathesecond 10 / 10

Good fun!

A good movie. I purchased this from and was first in the e-queue but also was a little puzzled, as when I showed the movie off most people had already seen it. Apparently there are a whole load of websites where you can watch this movie for free on-line.

However the kids really did enjoy it and as soon as the movie finished they pressed play and watched it again, which they have not done since Tinkerbell a good sign of money well spent. The scenes were bright and colourful, the story engaging, a little more thrills and fun. The dopey mermaid was funny and the grandmother was kinda cool as well.

For a movie advertised as a musical, regretfully, the songs were weak. The kids hummed away on the old Barbie tunes, but not so here.

Although she does play the part of the reluctant hero, which is good, no explanation is given why she is so reluctant. What happened to the brave and inspiring Barbie of old who fought against all kinds of monsters, wizards, witches etc. "Fighting an evil princess, I don't think I can do that." She plays a cowardly role and wanders around far too much. Barbie was uninspiring.

There was such little characterisation built up, the entire cast seemed one dimensional and we could not make ourselves care about any of them. No matter how much trouble they got into we were so distant from the movie we could not have cared less. This was the movies biggest flaw zero empathy.

When the characters had their magic drained they should have fallen deathly ill, grey skin, feverish, then there could have been a sense of urgency to the plot, that these friends had to push their fears aside, band together and rescue their fellows, quickly, but there was no clock ticking away in the background to add anything so was the usual slow paced offering.

We watched Malucia steal powers, attack people, and we were all very disappointed when she was given such a trivial punishment at the end, there was a real sense of injustice.

Would be keen to see a love story next, something like beauty and the beast(-ish) maybe.

All in all a good movie, well worth a watch or rent.

Reviewed by kirsty prue 7 / 10

Great wee movie :)

Great little movie for any Barbie Lover!!! My four and two year old absolutely adore this movie! It has songs and dances that they love to copy. As a parent, i think this movie is quite cool because she seems like a smart character, who reads a lot of books and doesn't need a guy to save her. The little bratty princess character does my head in and is VERY annoying. Luckily my kids haven't imitated her! We went from this to Barbie and the rock star and then the mermaid tale's. All very cool in my opinion. I like that they haven't made Barbie a tragic mess, ha ha. Would Definitely recommend this movie. I'm very surprised they have such low rating on here!

Reviewed by saraheknuckles 4 / 10

It could have been great...

I personally love Barbie movies; I grew up with them and still like to watch my favorites today as well as see the newer ones. So many modern Barbie movies have been so disappointing, but the concept of this movie seemed really interesting. Within the first 3 minutes (at the start of the first song) I knew it would be off-putting. The concept and idea was there, the characters were good and I loved the twist with the villain being a spoiled little girl. What truly destroyed it though was the modernization. Maybe it's just because I'm used to the older movies having song lyrics containing "LOL," but if they could have stuck to the original style of Barbie fantasy movies, it could have been great! The songs were too "pop-y" which completely distracted from the fantasy atmosphere. I adore the concept, the characters are good, and the animation looks beautiful... but as they tried to cater too much to the typical modern stereotype, they took away from the overall enjoyment of the movie.

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