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Amy Adams as Louise Banks
Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly
Forest Whitaker as Colonel Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent Halpern
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martin-807-452270 3 / 10

so close but so far.

This should have been brilliant!


I love Amy Adams and think she is a great actress, and the first half of this films is suitably spooky, fully of mystery - but as soon as she gets in to the alien space ship and starts writing her name LOUISE, I just shook my head. Why is it so hard for Hollywood to write a decent script???

We spent YEARS deciding what to put on the side of the Voyager spaceship in case any sentient life forms discovered it, and used pictographs and hieroglyphics, but in this film the world's best linguist (allegedly) who knows Sanskrit (so therefore must know alien languages) just stands there and writes LOUISE in bad handwriting on a small white board and shouts her name whist enthusiastically thumping her chest!

That is how the English behave abroad, not how you make first contact with an alien race.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind did this so well with sound and colour, but here we just have a flip chart and a marker.

such a flippant regard for science makes all the rest of the film silly. People were laughing in the cinema when Ian started saying his name, and walking up and down 'IAN WALKS'. And then all of a sudden Lousie can recognise the word for time travel, which is a very complex concept, and all in the space of a few days.

Clearly the director and writer had a really great idea, and set up the world very well, but as soon at they go to the complicated bit - how do you actually communicate with an Alien from another planet who has no cultural references, then they bottled it and threw in a Voice Over from Ian, who we never quite worked out what he was there for. It's an old film making trick - if you are stuck thrown in a voice over that explains stuff.

They didn't even bother to try colours, or sounds, or lights, or music - just a white board and a marker and Louise has been writing in English, whilst round the world everyone will be writing in their own language and confusing the poor aliens.

And if you have got Forest Whittaker the Oscar winner in your film, for god's sake give him something to do! He has no purpose in this film, all his lines could be cut. Just have soldiers grab Alison and fly her to the space ship - give her the briefing in the chopper...

The director and writer should be forced to watch Close encounters of the third kind until they appreciate how pathetic their film becomes.

Such a shame. 8 out of ten for the first 30 minutes and 2 out of ten for the slow fart of the rest of the film.

Reviewed by lruella 1 / 10

I really don't understand the good reviews. Everybody in the cinema was bored to death

This movie left everybody in the cinema clueless and bored to death.

So many things in the movie make ZERO sense, just a few examples:

- The colonel expects the linguist to decipher some alien language that sounds like gwowodkgjdkgrowlhwkas on the spot from a dicta phone.

- Most important event in humankind and all decisions are taken by some random soldiers in the camp. President of the US or any politicians are never shown and take no role whatsoever in the story.

- Some "rogue" soldier (god knows how) gets his hands on explosives, avoids all controls, and expects to destroy with a few C4 charges a huge spaceship which defies the laws of physics.

- The way they "decipher" the alien random scrabbling are just completely arbitrary and laughable (aka there is no explanation on how anything is deciphered) but magically after a few months they have a full vocabulary with which they can have a conversation. In real history many real human languages based on actual letters (not random stains in the air) were a completely unintelligible until the Rosetta Stone was found with a key to understand them.

- The alien presence on earth is just nonsensical. They arrive, say that they have bought some "gift" to humanity because in 3000 years they will need help in return (for what?) and then they disappear in thin air without having accomplished anything.

- The attack by the Chinese general (again, no government exists, it seems that soldier can just do what the heck the want) is stopped by some phone call whose contents nobody bothers to explain.

- most of the movie is just going back and forth from the ship, zzzzzzzzzz

- The physicist is practically useless. He just sits around without giving any scientific contribution. His only role is to represent the love interest of the linguist. He could have been a janitor for all I know.

People saying that this is the best movie ever have probably never seen a movie in their life or have suffered a concussion. Proof of this is that, while we're still talking about 2001 a space odyssey after 40 years, in 3 months nobody will remember this onsensical, boring, badly written piece of garbage.

Reviewed by mkc1218 1 / 10

*** SPOILERS*** A dreary, morose Close Encounters

The aliens have arrived. And they are – Holy Calamari People, Batman! – giant squid. The giant squid communicate in writing by shooting magical retractable ink out of their tentacles onto a transparent wall. It's up to linguist Amy Adams to decipher their communication before the other crazy countries in the world try to blow up everything.

The Calamari People, who float in a room of steam, write in circles – which is apparently how they experience time. Without a beginning or end. They can see their lives in their entirety. And the Calamari People are here to give humanity a gift, we find out: Once you unlock their language and become fluent, you will experience time in the circular way they do. It's a lot like becoming fluent in French and suddenly realizing why the French love Jerry Lewis so much.

From the lack of character and character development to the way the story unfolds, the movie is like watching a real-time long shot of a grave digger digging a grave on the grayest of all days. It's morose and filled with dread. Monotone and monotonous. Shovel after shovel after shovel, and he never seems like he is getting anywhere.

The entire pic is filled with "music" that is just a bunch of low hums that underscore the dread and monotone. It doesn't give us a clue to how we should be feeling. And that's why I go to the movies, to feel. How about awe at seeing the spaceships? The joy and celebration of the first breakthrough of communication? Nope, we get tedium and low bassy hums.

Jeremy Renner plays a physicist who doesn't do any physics, and he nicknames the two Calamari People we see Abbott & Costello. Although you can't tell them apart, Abbott becomes my favorite character in the movie because he gets to die midway through and doesn't have to suffer through the rest of the film. Lucky Abbott.

Throw in voiceovers and flashbacks that we find out are really flashforwards because time is actually circular to Amy Adams, and you have a film that yearns to be so much more than the real-time gravedigging than it is. It's the type of intellectual pretentiousness I thought only the Nolans could put on the screen.

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