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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrGKB 3 / 10

This one's an easier target...

...than the enemy redshirts the father of this film's director (and I use both those terms lightly) once disposed of by the hundreds throughout his own cinema career. But Chuck Norris was never in a movie quite this ham-handedly inept. Although much of the acting is actually passable, despite detractors elsewhere on this site, enough of it stands out like Sofia Coppola in "The Godfather: Part III" to detract, and even the more accomplished thespians involved in this lifeless misfire (I'm looking at you, Diane Ladd) are hampered by info-dump dialogue, broad-brush characters, and a plot structure that would make Syd Field wince if he was still alive. That Alex "InfoWars" Jones was cast in a cameo role should tell you all you need to know about this production. Strictly for insomniacs, there's virtually nothing in this lo-fi paranoid vision to hold your attention.

Put it this way: when you've got that DVD case in your hot little "Hot dog! This has got to be better than that 'Red Dawn' remake!" hands, give the plot summary on the back cover a once-over, and then put the DVD back where you found it. That is all you need, I guarantee, to get your money's worth of prepper entertainment from "Amerigeddon".

Reviewed by Adam Churvis 10 / 10

OMFG, you have to watch this rolling clusterfunk of a movie!

With a total production budget of only $387.14, one can understand why the best screenwriter they could muster was the winner of the "What I Did During Summer Vacation" essay in Mrs. Magillicutty's 3rd grade class at Hubert Humphrey Elementary School in Yazoo City, Mississippi. The script hit so many noses with so many hammers that my own nose bled out of sheer sympathy. Though my main question, "Who in pluperfect effing hell looked at this script and said to himself, 'Funding this is a really good idea'" will remain unanswered, it does answer this: "What do you get when Chuck Norris's relatives get together with Alex Jones and a whole bunch of guns in front of a camera?" Make no mistake, I highly recommend you watch this film, whether you are a tree-hugging Prius driver, a die- hard prepper, or someone in between. The tree-huggers will laugh so hard their spleens will be in danger of disintegration, the in- betweeners will be amusingly confused, and the preppers... well, let me just remind my prepper friends that Hoppe's No. 9 is NOT a viable personal lubricant. Don't even try it. And that goes for Break-Free CLP, too. That being said, preppers will find this film the cinematic equivalent of having their grundles pumped, so stand clear for a day or two afterward while they calm themselves and then explain to them that it's just fiction. Be prepared to explain to them what the word "fiction" means.

Reviewed by scrat242 8 / 10

This is the 'Red Dawn' of the 21st Century

With the budget and feel of a Hallmark after-school special from a parallel universe, this movie delivers to anyone familiar with most New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theories. I could lay out some inconsistencies in the plot but I don't want to give out any spoilers. Let me just say, it's all here: U.N. takeover of the US, EMP bombs, US Presidential\Political sellouts, Constitutional and 2nd Amendment flag waving, whistleblowers, you name it, it's mentioned. Curiously and refreshingly, there is no racist or anti-Muslim themes.

Preppers guides, Faraday cages, Ham radios, home power generators, John Deere products and a still in your new hilltop stone fortress of a house will all be on your shopping list after watching this movie.

The acting, as you can imagine, is about as wooden as a Hallmark after-school movie as well but they deliver the lines they need to keep the movie going. The 'battle at the Texas compound' and 'helicopter showdown' stretches the imagination a bit too but the girls are hot ...just saying.

Lastly, this did have the feeling of a pilot for a future series or at least a part 2.

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