American Honey


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tobajoma 3 / 10

Ridiculous Premise

Who would believe that any of these trashy characters could even sell one magazine subscription, let alone enough to make a profit for themselves and their equally trashy supervisor ? If anyone looking like this raunchy crew even rang my bell, I would tell them I wasn't interested before I even knew what they wanted even if it was to sign a petition to endorse a candidate or issue I was in favor of. As someone pointed out early on, hardly anybody buys magazines anymore (and if they did they would buy it at a discount from an online site or a direct mailing, not at an inflated price from someone who looks like they crawled out from under a rock). Forget their stories, I can't imagine anyone would even open the doors for them. I assumed when they were talking about their "mission", they would at least clean up their act before attempting to approach their wealthy targets. In what fantasy do rich home owners invite grungy-looking adolescents into their home unless they know them ? Any other comment about this movie is unnecessary.

Reviewed by trublu215 6 / 10

The frustrating workings of American Honey make for a tedious yet beautiful watch.

American Honey follows a young woman as she embarks on a road trip of sorts with a bunch of hippies as they try to swindle their lives away in hopes of living in the purest of utopias. It is an indie film through and through. Everything from the story to the look reeks of an independent production which really intrigued me from the minute American Honey started. Despite this everlasting and enthralling feeling of watching pure art in the way of the indie eye as seen through director Andrea Arnold, I can't help but shake the feeling that this film could have been more. To start off, there really isn't anything terrible or bad about the film outside of its indulging and bloated running time of close to 3 hours. The acting is great, the cinematography is amazing, the soundtrack is arguably perfect and the story (while being paper thin) is acceptable. The biggest enemy the film has is itself. The editing is probably my biggest issue with the film because it ends up damaging the story through this overbearing and extremely indulgent pacing. At times, there are moments where the film is unrelenting. You can't wait to see what happens next. Then there are other moments that move so slow that you question whether or not to get up and stretch your legs. It ends up being a very frustrating film to watch because anyone can see that there is an undeniable masterpiece underneath the running time. A timeless story of youth and innocence is lost in a barrage of fire pit songs, drug fueled rage and useless character traits that end up being lost or muddled in, what felt like, an assembly cut of the film. Despite this, Andrea Arnold has a very keen eye and a natural ability to make her characters feel real even if the film is as boring as the average person. Whether or not this is what Andrea Arnold was going for, I have no idea. Overall, American Honey is a film that will most certainly test the patience of its audience but those who are fans of Arnold's Fish Tank, or just simply fans of character studies or coming of age stories, American Honey will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

Reviewed by tanyax99 2 / 10

Could Have Taken A Nap During This Movie

This is the worst film I have seen in my entire life of diverse movie going. The cinematography is irritatingly shaky and the performances are incredibly insincere, broad and maudlin. There are long, very tiresome and overused scenes of passengers in a minibus, who sing along to the radio --- what is important, unique, interesting, artful about that? It's lazy filmmaking, unlike the director's previous film which was a beautiful piece of work. It was painful to watch and I was left with a feeling of being stuck in the worst traffic of my life for three hours with nothing to do but just stare at the ineptitude of the drivers before me. The accolades on this film is just a mystery to me.

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